Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't you love this hot weather?!?

Today, we went to the zoo with a group from our church. I think we picked the hottest day of the summer, thus far, to go! It was hot, but our group had fun. Some of our group rode the DART train down to the zoo, but we met them there. We rode the monorail and saw all of the animals in Zoo South. Then ventured over to Zoo North to see the white alligator, tiger, and then the children's area.

Here is a group picture of everyone.

I took my kiddos swimsuits, b/c I always take their swimsuits when we go to the zoo. There is a splash area in the Children's part and my kiddos love to get wet there. So, past experience dictates that I take their swimsuits along.

Here is another pic to add to my collection of strange places E falls asleep. This time she fell asleep on the way home in the van. Not so strange a place, really, but she fell asleep with a sucker in her mouth. I had C snap a pic from his seat while I was driving.

Have a blessed day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Swim lessons and MDO activities

Thursday was the last day of swimming lessons. They had 8 lessons spread out over two weeks. This is E's first year to take lessons.

Parents could stay and watch on Thursday, since it was the last one. The other days, she asked us to wait around front so as not to distract them. I videoed and took pictures so that my husband and family could see them demonstrating their swimming abilities.

Here is E sitting on the steps before the lesson started.

E jumped off the side and then swam to Ms. S. I was surprised at how much she picked up in her first year of lessons. Her teachers said she was one of the only children in her class that wasn't afraid of whatever they asked her to do.

On Wednesday, when I went to pick C up, I snuck in a few minutes early and saw C jump off the side and swim about half the length of the pool, come up for air and catch hold of the teacher, then go back down to swim the remaining length. I was so impressed! They said that all of a sudden something just clicked that day and he figured out he could do it!

C jumping from the side!

I have the privelege of having C in my class at MDO this year. While this does present challenges, I am glad to have the opportunity to spend this time with him as he will start Kindergarten in the fall, and our time together will shrink.
I snapped some pics of him doing some activities in class on Wednesday and today.
On Wed., we built forts with our blankets. This was a big hit with C and the other children, too.

Today, we set up some centers to work on some of their fine motor skills. Here is C with his hands in the shaving cream. He and all the children loved getting their hands messy and feeling the texture of the shaving cream. I think they just enjoyed the messiness of the project, as well.

Here C is with his hand in the pudding. How gooey!

Have a blessed day!


Our Tuesday was packed with many things to do. Before I left the house, I snapped these pics K playing. She is really starting to understand how things work. She picked up C's firefighter's helmet, and walked around putting it on and then taking it off her head over and over again.

Then, she decided it would be fun to put it on C...and take it off, and put it on again, etc, etc. It was so adorable, and C just sat there and let her do it.

I started off the day by getting my classroom ready for MDO. E and K stayed at a friend's house and C came along with me to help me out. He enjoyed having some Mommy and C time.
Then we met Aunt M for lunch at Kaze, a japanese restaurant. We had hibachi. C love s to use those chop sticks! When we were ordering, he kept asking for pork chops, even though I repeatedly told him he could have steak or chicken. I didn't figure out until the next day that he was meaning chop sticks! He did get his chop sticks at the restaurant, just had to point at another person's so we would understand what he meant.

We had extra time between lunch and swim lessons, so we went by the mall and played in the play area. They always enjoy doing this.

They even got a ride on the train at the mall.
Then it was on to swim lessons. The kids have thouroughly enjoyed their swim lessons. I will post more of those pics on my next blog.
We ate a picnic supper and then went to t-ball practice. C is liking these, as well. He was a little unsure about playing t-ball in the past, but is loving it.
Here they are doing some exercises to warm up.

They did a practice game and let the kids bat through one time each. C was in the field first. Apparently, parts weren't too exciting for him, b/c I caught him sitting down in this pic. The ball would be hit and all the kids would run after it, some fighting over the ball! It was too cute!

C hitting the ball.

Here is a cute story-- C caught a ball that was hit toward him, and the coach told him to tag a kid out that was running toward home. C drops the ball to the side, and runs to tag the kid. The coach didn't see C drop the ball, and is cheering and congratulating him, when another child brings her the ball! We all just died laughing! C thought he had done so good! We had to explain to him to hold on to the ball when tagging someone out!

Have a blessed day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Painting Pottery

Today, we visited Treasured Vessels in Mesquite. Aunt M spent the day with us and helped out a lot! C and E got to each pick a piece of pottery they wanted to paint.

C picked a piggy bank. Here, he is displaying it before he paints any on it.

E picked a mini tea set. She is displaying it before painting, as well. (I'll show you the before/after when they have been glazed.)

Here is E concentrating on painting a piece in her tea set.

Here is C picking out another paint color.

Both of them hard at work painting their master pieces!

Aunt M and K -- K had to get in on a little of the action, too! Of course, her paint brush has no paint on it.

I highly recommend this, if you are looking for an activity to try with your kiddos! It was so much fun and C and E thouroughly enjoyed it. The prices aren't bad either!
Have a blessed day!

Swim and celebrating

Here is a pic of C and E before swim lessons. They have one more week of swim lessons left. They are doing so well and learning lots and lots.

On Saturday afternoon, we took a family excursion to the Aquatic Swim Center in Mesquite. C wanted to go swimming with his daddy! And we all had a blast. They did really good.

It was so cute to watch to watch C protecting E. He was so gentle with her and guided her with a hand to her shoulder to show her where to go and where to stand in line. It was so nice to see him in the big brother, protective role!

Here is C coming down the slide. They did this slide several times.

My husband got water dumped on him a couple of times, much to the amusement of C and E.

E going down the slide. These slides came out into a little bit deeper water. E was very hesitant, but would come down if you would stand at the bottom to catch her. They did these over and over, as well.

K had so much fun wading through the water. Most of the time, she would walk around with you holding on to both of her fingers. The only thing she didn't like was when she would get splashed in the face!

K celebrated her birthday one final time. Grandpa and Grandma J took her out. She had a blast walking around like the big kids.

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zoo Adventure, swim lessons, and t-ball

On Tuesday, we went to the zoo. We met friends there and took the kiddos swimsuits so they could splash and play in the stream area in the children's section. I even got to wade with K!

You have to sit down in it (or lay) and get splashed to get totally wet, but somehow our kiddos managed it!

Then it was on to the first day of swim lessons. E's were first and I thought we might have some tears (the parents are asked not to stay and watch), but she just sat down on the top step as instructed and waved goodbye to me. I guess she is just so excited that the separation was fine. Ms. S says she is doing really well and is confident in the water already.

I snuck back a few minutes early and got this pic of her swimming. She is loving it so much!

C is also excited and couldn't wait to go to swim lessons this year. This is his second year to take them. This year, they are learning to get rings in the water. He is very excited about this part!

Then, C had t-ball practice. He is taking lessons through the city at one of the rec centers. It was really fun to watch them all. They started with the very basics explaining every part. C really enjoyed and doesn't want to wait until next Tuesday to go again!
Below, they are standing in a circle and were throwing the ball to another child across from them. C did well, but a funny part-- when it wasn't his turn, he would spin around in a circle. It so reminded me of when a first time player would stand in the field just playing in the dirt while the game went on around them. C didn't miss anything, but you could tell they don't get that need to pay attention to everything yet.

Here he is hitting the ball.

Today, Wednesday, we took a break from our adventures. Everything we did on Tuesday, wore me out! And I think the kids too! So we stayed in before swim lessons. Then went to them, to eat, and to church! More adventures tomorrow.
Have a blessed day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Week of Adventures

We are having a "week of adventures" this week. Last week was spent getting ready for K's b-day party, cleaning, and running errands. So, I told the kiddos that we would have some fun adventures this week.

Today, we started off by having lunch with daddy. They love to go see him during the day and see where he works, as well.

After lunch, we went to the Science Place. This is another favorite for my kids. And K enjoyed it so much this time!

They have added a "Spy" exhibit since the last time we went. Here are C and E being spys.

This is K picking out her fruit and putting it in the bag. A lot of the fruit and veggies actually made it into her bag.

K loves to slide down slides. She liked this one because she could do everything by herself. Up the stairs, crawling, and then down the slide on her belly, and back up again.

C was headed to an emergency!

Here are two of my flowers! Aren't they adorable?

K crawled through the ant tunnels for a long time. She also loved it when C got in them with her and chased her some.

All three kiddos love the water.

Although, K was dissappointed that she couldn't get in. She wanted to sit in it, not just put her hands in it. She tried repeatedly to hike her leg up over the side.

We will be having a new adventure each day, so stay tuned. I'll do my best to get them all on here. C and E also start swim lessons tomorrow and C starts a t-ball session through the City.
Have a blessed day!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


My nephew and niece, R and B, came down with my parents for K's b-day party this weekend and to spend the weekend with us. All four cousins were so excited to be able to play together and spend time with each other. It is so cute to watch them interact and run around together. Despite them not being with each other much throughout the year, they are the best of friends when they do get to be with each other.

My kiddos were excited to have their cousins sleep in their rooms. E and B posed for this pic for me.

Night, Night C and R! They were all so worn out that it didn't take anyone long to fall asleep.

Today, we went to the Splash Park in Forney after church. They played in the splash park some, running through the water and also enjoyed the playground.
K didn't much like being splashed by the water, but enjoyed touching the edge with her hands.

C and R play so well together. C wants to do everything that R does. If you ask C, "What do you want to eat?" His answer would be: "Whatever R is having."

B loved to go across the monkey bars. She is really good at them.

E climbing on the spider web.

Grandpa T gets a push from E.

Grandma T helps K slide down the slide. Grandma was at the top with K and I was at the bottom. We did this over and over.

We enjoyed spending time with my mom, dad, nephew, and niece.
Have a blessed day!