Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick trip to AR

We made a quick trip to Arkansas this past weekend. My grandparents had new baby chickens, so Grandma H brought a boxful down for her great-grandchildren to play with! C loves holding them and was so excited she brought them down. E doesn't want much to do with them. And K isn't quite sure if she likes them or not.

K and her cousin J were sitting in the floor playing. K was a little bit jealous when I would try to hold J.

Also, K decided she would take J's pacifier and J was none too happy about it!

There were many, many four-wheeler trips to look at the cows and just to ride. C and E were on there minutes after we arrived! K isn't too sure about it yet. C even got to help hook up the mowing machine to the tractor and mow some hay with Grandpa.
We went in so that I could attend the funeral of a man who meant so much to lots of his friends and family! I saw many, many friends that I haven't seen in a long while. And, of course, I got my Taco Villa! It was so good to catch up with everyone and spend some extra time with my family and friends! I love you guys!
Have a blessed day!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hanging out with daddy

The kiddos were playing around with their daddy after he came home from work. Here is E dunking the basketball.

Hang time!

K likes to sit on the basketball!

Have a blessed day!

Fire helmets and awards banquet

On Wednesday at school, a fireman came to talk to our students. They all got to ask questions and try on his helmet. It was so heavy, E could barely hold her head up with it on!

Wednesday night, we had the Children's Program Missionettes and Royal Rangers awards banquets. C got to show off the walking sticks they made in Royal Rangers. He is so proud of it!

Walking off the stage!

E showing off her badges on her Rainbow vest!

C and E's showing us their awards certificates!

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daddy Painting Fingernails and Fixing Mommy's Hair

E has been begging someone to paint her fingernails and toenails. This morning, she asked my huband before he went to work, if he would paint them and he said he would tonight if he had time! So, right before bed, he remembers and makes E's day by painting her fingernails and toenails! He is such a wonderful daddy! I, of course, had to snap a few pics of it!

After they are all done:

Earlier this evening, E was brushing my hair and putting barettes in it. She had up to five barettes at one time. She would brush my hair "just right" then put the barettes in, then start over again! I love for someone else to brush my hair! And I love for E to fix and just spend the time with me!

Have a blessed day!

Honor Rainbow and Choir

Sunday at church C was crowned as an Honor Rainbow! My husband and I escorted him up to the stage where he received his awards, his crown, and a trophy. He earned 23 badges throughout the 2 and a half years. He also received recognition for the memory verses he learned throughout that time.

We are so proud of him for achieveing this level and for all of his hard work!

Before the crowning, the rainbow choir sang two songs for the congregation. Here are a few pics of E and C singing.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

C gets to play in the puddle, too!

See, I kept my promise! C got to play in the puddles right after we got home from school! E and K got to wade a little more, as well. Of course, C's time of play was short lived as he put K in the deeper puddle and she took a face-first fall that soaked her! It was back inside to clean up and then sit in time out for him.

Have a blessed day!

Dressed-Up girls and splashing in puddles

E and K were playing dress up today and putting on a dance show for us! It was so adorable. K is just getting to the stage where she likes to dress-up and she will twirl around and around when you tell her to dance!

Shhhhh... don't tell C that we splashed in the puddles without him! (I will let him splash around after school!) E and K enjoyed splashing in the lake out in front of our house. E especially. K wasn't so sure what to think of it at first, but decided to give it another try and really enjoyed stomping in the puddle.

Have a blessed day! (I will have another post when we splash in the puddles when C gets home!)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A fun-filled Family Day

We had a family day, today! C had requested that we visited the Science Place today. We haven't really done a lot of extra things like that since school started so, we decided this was a great idea! Below are some of the pics I snapped while we were there.

C, E, and K with their ant hats on and the ant hill behind them.

C the spider!
C riding the John Deere tricycle around the farm area.

E finally figured out how to work the pedals! She was so proud of herself and I think she would have ridden around the small track for a really long time!

K had to have something to ride, as well. She also wouldn't let go of her bag very easily! She collected fruits and vegetable in it before coming to "ride".

K dressed up as a firefighter. The clothes were just a little big, but since brother and sister was doing it, she had to as well!

After we left the Science Place, we moved on to a late lunch. We ate at The Magic Time Machine. It was yummy. This is a restaurant where the waiters dress up as characters from movies. We had a lady from Lilo and Stitch. (Which C and E had no clue about, having never seen the movie!)
They did get their pics taken with some of the other waiters and waitresses.
E with Cinderella:

C with the pirates:

E with Snow White:

Have a blessed day!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Husband!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! Better late than never, right? We did celebrate his birthday this past Monday, but I am just now getting a chance to blog about it.

The kids serenaded their daddy with "Happy Birthday" before he left for work.

Then, his mom and dad fixed him a birthday dinner at their house on Monday evening. He had requested Gumbo and grilled shrimp. It was delishish! C and E loved it, too!

Here is a pic of C with his bowl of Gumbo:

His mom also fixed a cake for him. It had chocolate frosting and pudding inbetween the layers! Yum!

Birthday hug for dad!

Blowing out the candles! C and E had to help out a little!

Enjoying the cake!

Have a blessed day!