Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby chicks

C loved these baby chicks! He played with and handled them a lot! He was kind of sad to take them to their new home, but we can go and visit them.

Baby chicks

K would not hold the baby chicks! She would touch them to pet them, briefly!

Baby chicks

Grandma H brought down four baby chicks from her chicken houses for the kiddos to see and play with. They ended up coming back to Texas with us and have a new home at a local petting zoo.

Making play dough

K really enjoyed the flour! She would smash the dough with the flour and thought it was so neat the way it felt! She had flour all over her.

Making playdough with Grandma T

On Sunday night, C, K, grandma T, and I made play dough. C and K loved helping with it!

Spring break fun

On Monday, we went up on Mt. Magazine. This is the highest elevation in Arkansas! We visited their nature visitor center and the kiddos had lots of fun looking at the native animals. It was so foggy that day! We didn't have much of a view, but had lots of fun!

Spring break fun!

In spring break, we spent five days in Arkansas with my family. On Saturday, we went to Wye Mountain to the Daffodil Festival. There were flowers everywhere! We took loads of pictures and the kiddos got to pick some flowers, too!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

E's 5th bday party

E had an awesome 5th bday party! She had it at the dance studio where she takes lessons. They did lots of music movement songs and dances. Many of e's friends were there to help her celebrate!

Have a blessed day!

Happy 5th bday E!

Today is my big girls 5th birthday! We will celebrate with a ballerina dance party on Friday night, but today she got a day of pampering! We started out with a hair trim and mini-manicure. Then on to a cupcakery! Lunch at McD's and then a little shopping. Then a birthday supper at Joe Willys! I had a great day pampering my E! Happy Birthday, sweetheart.